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  • Proven Strategies Used by The World's Best

    Amplified Ads gives you the exact strategies used by the most successful online course creators and coaches on the planet.

  • Templates & Frameworks Make Implementation a Breeze

    Use my proven templates and frameworks to take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns.

  • Support and Guidance

    Get the support and guidance you need to design, create and scale successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Get The Most Out of Amplified Ads

    2. Join The Facebook Group & Say Hi!

    3. Induction Questionnaire

    1. How to Use Facebook Ads to Turn Strangers Into Customers

    2. How Facebook and Instagram Ads Actually Work, and what is the Facebook 'Auction'

    3. Leveraging Traffic Temperature For Low Cost Leads and Maximum Revenue

    4. Setting Your Foundations - Installing The Facebook Pixel

    5. Setting Your Foundations - Conversion Tracking

    6. Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement - Select and Prioritise Your Conversion Events

    7. Prepare Your Facebook Business Page

    8. Setting Up Comment Filters For Your Page & Ads

    9. Setting Up Facebook Business Manager

    10. Module 1 Checklist (Complete Before Moving On)

    1. Pre-Strategy Essentials - How to Assess Your Business Before You Build Your Ad Strategy

    2. Designing Your Facebook Ad Strategy For Leads & Sales

    3. Designing Your Top of Funnel Ad Strategy For Cold Traffic

    4. The Numbers You Need to Know to Take The Guesswork Out of Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

    5. Sales Funnel Worksheet

    6. Facebook Ad Strategy Blueprints

    7. Module 2 Checklist (Complete Before Moving On)

    1. Identifying Your Ideal Customer Avatar (Phase 1)

    2. Identifying Your Ideal Customer Avatar (Phase 2)

    3. Custom and Lookalike Audiences (The most powerful targeting options available)

    4. Using the SAS Method to Find The Perfect Audience Every Time (And Squeeze The Most Out of Your Ad Budget)

    5. Uncovering Target Interests That Deliver Results

    6. Customer Avatar Worksheet

    7. Audience Tracking Sheet

    8. Module 3 Checklist - Complete Before Moving On

    1. Crafting an Irresistible Free Offer That Your Audience is Craving

    2. High Converting Landing Pages That Sell Your Free Offers With Ease

    3. Module 4 Checklist (Complete Before Moving On)

    1. The Core Elements of Facebook & Instagram Ads And How to Master Them

    2. Creating Irresistible Ad Images

    3. Video Ad Essentials

    4. 3 High Converting Lead-Generation Facebook Video Ads

    5. Top of Funnel Ads That Attract Your Ideal Customer

    6. Writing Copy (Text) That Converts

    7. Facebook Ad Headline Cheat Sheet

    8. Landing Page Pre-Launch Checklist

    9. Ad Copy Tracking Sheet

    10. Facebook Image Size Guide

    11. Module 5 Checklist (Complete Before Moving On)

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  • 14 hours of video content

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